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Posing is an art form and a science all rolled into one. A bodybuilding show is not just about being the biggest or the leanest on stage. Posing to showcase your physique is of the utmost importance. It helps you bring your best to the stage. Stage presence, confidence and presentation can shine through poses and transitions.

Years of weight training, dieting and sacrifices are made so you can look your best, and all of this is for nothing if you cannot present your body to the best of your ability on stage. Posing is an essential part of competing, and should not be overlooked.

It will even benefit your training, as during posing you develop a better mind-muscle connection, more control over your body and better cardiovascular capacity due to holding muscles contracted for a long period of time.

As a Metamorphasize posing client, you will be provided with:

  • An initial consultation including an assessment of goals, posing strengths and weaknesses
  • Specific posing program
  • Ongoing support via in-person posing (in person is preferred but online can be available if needed)

Posing will commence taking into account past experience and future ambitions. ‘Weak’ points will be assessed and an agreed plan of action will be put in place. Questions regarding; nutrition, lifestyle and training will be asked to give a greater insight. Once this has been discussed a commitment will be set by both parties and the posing will officially begin!

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Judith Personal Trainer and Posing Coach

Judith Bodybuilding Posing Coach

Michael Personal Trainer and Posing Coach

Michael Bodybuilding Coach

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