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Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be all that I am capable of being and for setting my goals to a level that has extended me far beyond what I thought I could achieve. Equally and perhaps more impressive is your attitude, your style, dedication and hard work. I could not have achieved the fitness level that I am at now without all your encouragement and advice.I look forward to continuing working with you to not only maintain my current fitness but to achieve even more than I have so far.

Michael Shugg

Cannot speak any more highly of this absolute legend! I am the strongest and fittest I have ever been!
I have learnt so much about technique and nutrition and have this new found confidence in myself and my abilities.
And just on a side note, he not only pushed me in the gym but also encouraged me to follow my dream career, which I’m now pursuing! I can honestly say everything I ever wanted in a PT, I found in Michael!
Thank you

Benita Roma Williams

Michael is an extremely awesome trainer I have ever worked with. He is very much innovative with his exercises which gives lot of encouragement. Always flexible with his timings and has a good attitude which allows to work with him happily. I would highly recommend anyone to make him your personal trainer and take that opportunity to challenge yourself and continue to stay fit always.

Amruta Sarda

So it’s only been about 4 weeks of training with you, and I’m so impressed with the progress I made so far. As someone who very rarely trained at a gym, you’ve really helped me understand the techniques and actually enjoy going to my pt sessions each week. I’m definitely stronger than I’ve ever been and I’m looking forward to seeing even better results as we keep training. Thanks for answering all of my questions both during the sessions and via text, I’ve really found that to be helpful and keep me on track.

Radric Davis

In the best shape of my life thanks to Michael. Anyone can get a trainer qualification but very few can actually get you the transformation you’re after!! Michael pays attention to my goals, adapts my training & nutrition when needed and makes me feel like a superstar at the gym.

Anusha Krishnamoorthy

In just a short time of training with you I’ve seen so much progress already.
Not only that, you teach me the knowledge behind what to do, show me different training techniques and give nutritional advice to help achieve my goals! I’m the leanest and strongest I’ve ever been and I couldn’t have done it without your constant support. Your an awesome trainer, Thank you so much for training me can’t wait to see what’s to come in the future!

Renee Tigrelilly

Hey Michael! Thanks for being a great Personal Trainer! I have learned a lot from you in staying healthy and best ways to be active. U always find different ways to get me to work out as best as I can which is great! It’s been about 6 months so far and lots more to come I’m sure. The passion u have for the gym comes out in ur teaching style which is the best, and that’s why u always see people who aren’t your clients asking for your help which u gladly give. Thanks again.

David Todd

Used some of what I’ve learnt from you, a mate train today. Safe to say she felt things she’s never before and will possibly hate me tomorrow!
Learning pure focus, control and how/why to pass that point you thought you couldn’t from you has put me back on the gain train. That and making me realise how much food I actually need thanks for all the help with my shoulder. We’re getting there.

Emma Ismawi

Michael AKA mighty Moses!!! Body building sport was very foreign to me but at our initial meeting Michael made me feel comfortable and I just knew I wanted to train with him.
He got me seeing amazing results in a very short time and always pushed me too my limits. My aim was for him to get me on stage for season B this year however we are having a break while I become a mummy!
Michael… You’re an amazing trainer and inspiration to so many people! We will be back!!!

Louise Cherry

Michael brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our training sessions and has helped me in achieving a number of fitness goals. The rapport he builds and attention he brings not only to me, but also his other clients, sets him aside in the industry and makes him a great trainer.
Looking forward to continued training and hopefully building quads like Michaels.

Jonathan Janes

Thank you Michael for all your support which has resulted in some great progress. Could not have done it without your advice and confidence. Thanks!!!!

Nick McLennan

As a more mature gym goer [63 years] my aim was to keep the body in generally reasonable shape. On talking with Michael and agreeing to him becoming my personal trainer my goals have developed and now I am looking towards competition.
Michael is an inspirational life coach more than just a personal trainer. His background in sports science, coupled with his expertise in nutrition and motivation have raised my expectations of what I can achieve. His knowledge of physiology means any injuries I have had are worked around so that recovery is very quick.
Michael is skilled at varying the training so it never becomes mundane. His personality, knowledge, and interest in his clients as people, develop a sense of trust and enthusiasm for personal and physical growth .
I have been working with Michael now for about eight months. Not only have I developed physically, the compliments I get from people of all ages whether in the gym or out in public are great for the old ego.
I can recommend Michael for anyone who wants to achieve their goals, whatever they may be. 

Graeme Grenville

I trained with Michael to gain knowledge of weight training whilst studying cert 3 & 4 Qualifications in the Fitness Industry, Michael during this time assisted with the knowledge required of the muscles being used, giving me a good understanding of the Anatomy of the muscles in exercise of the body. Michael is an extraordinary physical trainer of tremendous versatility, intelligence and discipline — and he is a lot of fun too. I had specifically trained for a special birthday and Course assistance outcome, and achieved the weight, physical skills/fitness and “look” I set out for, – his attitude is inspiring, his knowledge exceptional. 

B M Horton

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